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4 Key Features of Cash Management Systems

You need to compare several features when you are shopping for a cash register or a point of sale system for your retail outlet. This article discusses some of the features that you should assess when you are comparing the different solutions on the market.

The Future Costs

You need to consider how each of the systems that you want to select from rates in terms of the future costs that you will incur in case you wish to expand that system. For example, how much will each unit cost you when you decide to increase the number of devices or scanners in your retail outlet? Opt for the system that will be cost-effective when the time to expand it comes.

The Interface

It is wise to get a hands-on feel of the user interface for the cash management systems that you wish to select from. Can the interface be customised? Does it have the administrative and security features that you desire? Will your workers learn the system quickly? Will the interface expedite or delay the checkout process? Select a system that will ease the work of the people at the checkout counters.

The Physical Setup

Pay attention to the dimensions of the various components of the cash management systems that you have shortlisted for your retail outlet. Make sure that all those components can fit within the space that you have earmarked for the cash management system. For example, can the scanners, printers and desktop displays fit in the space available without looking crowded? Compact systems are better since they won't take up a lot of space.


Consider the extent to which you would like the cash management system to be integrated with other aspects of your business. For instance, do you have an e-commerce website that you would like to integrate with your brick-and-mortar store? Basic cash registers cannot allow you to execute such an integration. What software do you have for the other aspects of your business, such as customer relationship management? Is the cash management system compatible with that existing software? Pick a system that will be least disruptive in terms of integrating it with other systems in your retail store.

Always consider both your present and future needs carefully before you invest in a cash management system. Proper planning will save you from having to replace your newly installed point of sale system or cash register once you find it unsuitable for your evolving needs.